Michael J. Thompson's Portfolio

Hello, my name is Michael J. Thompson. I graduated from Concordia University of Wisconsin
with a Bachelors of Arts degree
. I majored in Mass Communications and minored in Multimedia.
In my Senior year of College I interned at Wisn 12 News as a Graphic Producer.  

As a graphic producer at Wisn 12 News I proofread or corrected typos, probable spelling, grammar,
and visual mistakes. I successfully managed to meet immediate demands and deadlines that a
‘live news broadcast’ environment requires

I developed great typography skills while working as a Graphic Illustrator at Duni Supply Co. which
is now entitled Innoware Inc.

I developed great media production skills as a production assistant such as
teleprompter operation, video/tape logging, client service interaction
at Marx Creative.

Please view my resume for more details.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank You

Michael J. Thompson


     - Operated live broadcast graphics for a Regional Green Bay Packers NFL Pre-show game.

     - Designed the play-head-circle logo for Wisn 12 News which can be viewed at wisn.com

     - Illustrated over 300 logos

I've done work for well known clients and companies:

View more of my graphic print and or motion graphics work.