Michael J. Thompson's Portfolio

Milwaukee, WI 53224


Wisn 12 News

Graphic Producer

2007 - 2009

I received training and assisted co-workers on VizRt functionality. I operated CG equipment in a live control room atmosphere. I honed my spelling skills by proof reading text news information before live air broadcast use. I created short compositions, animations and graphic elements for the immediate news cast stories. I worked closely amongst news reporters, anchors and staff members to clarify, organize and collect data needed for visual representation as it pertained to news stories or a daily topical subject.   

I created location maps, over the shoulder boxes and fullscreen graphics on a daily basis.
We used numerous software programs like ENPS (electronic news production system) for pre-production planning and organizational purposes. I initially worked as an intern at Wisn 12 News during college in the year 2005.

Marx Creative

Production Assistant

2006 - 2007

I designed and created binder book log schedules for many of the on/off set location shoots. I was a personal assistant to Dr. Lisa and other on set talents. I was in charge of DVD duplication for clients. I used the Avid system to log video footage. I’ve also operated the teleprompter for many Walgreen’s commercial spots. I was the designated driver for picking up and delivering props or equipment. I logged tapes and

organized video footage in the media library.

Innoware Inc.

Graphic Illustrator


I illustrated over 300 logos which were printed on paper goods across the country. I was in charge of the graphics food service department. I communicated with co workers in the printing department on a daily basis to ensure correct processing of pre-press designs. I spoke with representatives of clients to answer questions or concerns about graphic request and orders.


Concordia University of Wisconsin

Bachelors of Arts in Communications, 2005

Concentration: Multimedia & Mass Communications


VizRT, Deko, CG equipment, Microsoft Windows, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Final Cut Pro, Avid, Microsoft Office, VizRT Trio (entry level), 4D Cinema (entry level), 3ds Max (in progress), Maya (in progress).


Special effects movies, documentaries, tech related magazines, meeting new people, traveling, and red velvet cake.